Firstly, Happy New Year and welcome to the first of our new monthly newsletter and style guide where I hope to share styling tips to help you along your journey of curating the perfect wardrobe and ultimately, help you take the stress out of getting dressed every day!

For anyone who doesn't know my background and why I started the brand I better take it back a few steps… 

I am Sinead Keary the designer and creator of Sinead Keary The Label, which I founded in 2019. My first collection came to life after 12 years of working as a Personal Shopper in both the high-street and luxury retail. Over the years, after seeing hundreds of personal shopping clients, there was a common concern expressed;

"...a wardrobe full and nothing to wear!"

This motivated me to create luxury essentials that help to form the foundations of a capsule collection, acting like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, one by one my hope is that they enable women to make better sense of their wardrobe once and for-all. 

My collection is made up of timeless luxury essentials which have been thoughtfully created to empower women to feel stylish and confident with every outfit. I believe if you invest in good quality timeless wardrobe hero's you will always have something to wear.

 Minimalism, femininity, fine fabrics and perfect fit are all essential components to the label collection. I design each piece in my collection to help you fill in the gaps of your wardrobe. I truly believe in the power of capsule wardrobe dressing. 

So, what is a capsule wardrobe I hear you ask? 

A capsule wardrobe is a limited selection of interchangeable pieces that complement each other. Often timeless and classic. A capsule wardrobe allows you to create a variety of different outfits while investing in only a small selection of clothing.

I believe January is a great time for a wardrobe reset, analyse and take stock of what you have in your wardrobe and notice what you may be missing. 

This allows you to:

Plan and know what you want and make more conscious shopping decisions and impulse buying less often 

Here are a few of my top tips and steps to get you started on your journey to the capsule wardrobe of your dreams:

Step 1: Wardrobe Detox

Begin with a wardrobe detox. Head to our Instagram to find out more. Act as if you are doing a stock take, note what you have, love and wear on repeat. Make space for the capsule wardrobe you have always wanted. 

Carve out the time to go through your wardrobe, there is nothing worse than getting started and giving up half-way, make the commitment to make the time to do it properly, you will feel amazing after!

 Firstly, take a note of the space you have and map out how to best use it. Then, I like to divide my items into the sections below: 

1) 'Keep' pile

2) 'Detox' pile 

3) Give to a friend / charity 

4) Dry clean

5) Alterations

Sinead's core capsule essentials include:

Blazer, t-shirts (long and short sleeved), cami, jeans (black & denim), leather trousers/leggings, slip skirt, cardigan, sweatshirt, blouse / shirt ...

 Step 2: Make a shopping list for the year ahead. 

Note what you may be missing. 

TIP: I suggest adding your shopping list to the notes section of your phone, next time you are tempted to buy something that’s trend driven or that you may regret later it can help stop you in your impulse buying tracks and re-focus you. 

When creating your list consider the below: 

Buy more simple, elegant, block colour pieces in luxe fabrics, items that will work well together in lots of different ways. They end up being what we wear the most and get many years out of. 

I suggest adding a few new key pieces to your capsule wardrobe each season, this will update your looks and keep them fresh and interesting. 

Try avoid trends, however, maybe you become drawn to a standout piece like a velvet blazer or sequin trouser that will add some fun your wardrobe. First, ask yourself "how many ways can I style it?" and if you are happy with your answer, go for it! 

Make sure your choices reflect  your personality and feels right for you.

Feel confident in your clothes for you.

Accessories are a great way of expressing individual style while also keeping your choices simple and mix-and-match friendly. 

Always ask yourself does this flatter my shape? Really think about your size, height, how you like clothes to feel and look. Instagram is great for inspiration but we are all different, always consider how something will look on you and if it reflects your lifestyle before swiping up. 

Buy the clothes you are most drawn to wearing, the items you feel your best in!

For example; if you are a busy Mum, working from home then invest in key pieces like a luxury parka, good jeans, luxury tees and quality sweatshirts over expensive high heels or dress for an event you may only wear once.  

Step 3: Engage with styling tools

Use Pinterest or an app like 'LikeToKnowIt' as a styling tool. If you are considering buying a staple like a white shirt or you have an item in your wardrobe you don't know how to wear, type it into in Pinterest or 'LikeToKnowIt' search bar. You will find an array of ideas and looks on how to style anything. I save down the ones I like onto my phone, I then have a specific folder to refer back to when I am styling looks for the week ahead.

I also use this principle to help me when I'm deciding whether to buy something or not, for example, I would put in "white cami" before deciding whether to invest in a Becky Cami, to see all the ways I can make it work in my wardrobe

Next month I will bring you though my “Ways to Wear" formula, a method I came up with to help my clients simplify and get the most out of their wardrobes, it's a framework that will change the way you shop for good!

Chat to you soon, 




January 18, 2023 — Sinead Keary

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