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Care Guide

95% Bamboo Jersey & 5% Elastane 
Up to 40 Deg Celsius 
Gentle Detergent and Gentle Wash 
No Bleach 
Best to Hang Dry or Air Tumble Dry only to preserve the fibres 
100% Silk ( Camisoles )
Dry Clean Only 
Do not machine wash
Can be hand cold wash if required but best to dry clean only 
95% Silk & 5% Elastane ( Blouse ) 
Dry Clean only
Do not machine wash
Can be hand cold wash if required but best to dry clean only 

 Collection Materials:

Materials Used in Collection:

Bamboo Fabric:T-shirts.95% Bamboo Jersey & 5% Elastane

Benefits of Bamboo Fabric: Bamboo fiber is an amazing sustainable material with a wide range of applications.

This remarkable and versatile product offers a completely eco-friendly solution to many of our modern needs.

Antibacterial – keeps you odor free and feeling and smelling fresh
Highly sweat absorbent (Pulls moisture from skin for evaporation – moisture wicking) – keeps you dry
Powerfully insulating – keeps you cooler in summer and warmer in winter
One of the softest fabrics on the planet you’ll love the way it feels
Naturally UV protectant – protect yourself from skin cancer
Hypoallergenic – natural bamboo does not cause allergic reactions
Most eco-friendly fabric on the planet – help save your planet
Bamboo fabric is a natural textile made from the pulp of the bamboo grass, the bamboo fiber is then made by pulping the bamboo grass until it separates into thin threads of fiber, which is then spun and dyed for weaving into cloth.

So unlike many of the other fabrics, bamboo is extremely breathable. The natural bamboo plant keeps itself cool in the heat and like its other properties, is also maintained in its fabric form.

100% Silk Camisole 

 95% Silk & 5% Elastane ( Blouse ) 

Silk is a natural protein fiber produced by the larvae of a moth. Generally speaking, silkis considered a more sustainable fiber. ... It is a renewable resource, can biodegrade, and uses less water, chemicals, and energy than many other fibers.