Our Story

Sinead Keary is a trained and experienced Personal Shopper who has over ten years experience working in Personal Shopping departments in both leading high-street and Luxury stores such as Topshop and Brown Thomas Dublin. 

In her role as Personal Shopper Sinead garnered incredible experience working with a prestigious array of brands. Sinead worked across brands such as Dior, Dolce, Roland Mouret , Victoria Beckham , Prada and Miu Miu to name just a few.

Surrounding herself with the masters of design, Sinead developed a true understanding of fabrics and the workmanship that goes into designing and producing garments to such a luxurious level. 

In later years Sinead felt the yearning to progress onto the next challenge and took the the leap to establish her own personal shopping business where she has thrived and established a reputable name for herself in the Irish community.

Sinead combined her experience and expertise working in both leading high-street and designer environments to create a new Personal Shopping experience which she felt was lacking in the market.  

Sinead services her clients with the perfect mix of both high street and luxury finds and will tailor every appointment plan to each client’s individuals styling and budget needs. Sinead helps to inspire her clients through the pieces they already have in their wardrobe by reinventing them and styling them in a way that they wouldn’t have the confidence to explore without a helping hand.

And in 2020 Sinead Keary the Label was born.

Quote to support above.

Many people are under the notion that Personal Shopping is something that is reserved for the super-rich or famous, I honestly feel this is a complete misconception. Personal Shopping is actually a time efficient, intelligent way to shop. It saves you money in the long run as you end up with a wardrobe full of long-lasting pieces you truly love and know how to wear.”

My job highlight is the satisfaction that comes with helping someone look and feel their best through their clothing. Personal Style can give you the confidence to conquer everything life throws at you. People should have fun with their wardrobe and use it as an outlet to express who they really are. Dress for yourself and enjoy the confidence it brings.”

After 3 years this March in Business I have been lucky to watch my business grow and flourish. I have had the opportunity to host events with some of my favourite brands such as & Other Stories, Brown Thomas as well as appearing on TV to discuss my Wardrobe Edit service.