Next up in our Style Muse Series is artist Rowan Rosie, a Glasgow-based artist who creates stunning, vibrant abstract paintings that explore themes such as travel and various human experiences. Her work is best known for her use of bright and pastel colours, utilising both oil and acrylic paint. She states that her goal is to evoke a sense of freedom and possibility through her art. Although her works are primarily abstract, they often incorporate recognizable hints of the world around us.

Hi Rowan! Thank you so much for taking the time to chat to us, first up how would you describe your personal style?

I would say ‘eclectic-boho’! I absolutely love a bohemian, 1970s or cowgirl vibe. It feels so free and floaty to wear and the shapes like flares, bell sleeves and cowboy boots. They are really fun to wear and I am quite tall so I find this style flattering too. I also love that the boho style generally celebrates being beautiful in your own unique and effortless way and a more natural approach. 

I say ‘eclectic’ as my style changes a lot depending on my mood: sometimes it’s super glam & Romantic for example wearing bodycon pieces (especially when I go dancing) and sometimes I enjoy a more minimal / contemporary style with a cap / trainers and more geometric, loose pieces.


Are there any particular fashion icons or styles that inspire you?

Dolly Parton. Enough said. I’ll always be obsessed with her Western style and the diamantes! 

What’s the most unexpected place you’ve ever found inspiration? 

The first proper travelling I ever did was 4 months in South-East asia the Summer after I graduated from Art School. Of all the countries I visited, Myanmar (formerly Burma) blew me away. I didn’t know much about it before visiting and I remember thinking I couldn’t believe that somewhere so different (to what I had ever experienced before) and beautiful still existed on the planet. The colours and the gold-topped temples everywhere were incredible and unlike anything I had ever experienced. The people from Myanmar were also lovely and so friendly. It inspired a lot of paintings. The traditional clothes there were worn by many people and were all made up of beautiful bright colours. I did buy some amazing pink diamante encrusted velvet platform sandals from a shop there which I still have.

What advice would you give to someone who is trying to develop their personal style?

It’s a cliche but just have fun with it. I don’t actively follow many trends personally. I think figuring out what colours and cuts suit you best is great but that’s something I’ve actually only started paying attention to recently and comes with time I guess. You need to comfortable in your clothes and not have to fidget to constantly re-adjust your outfit or how it’s sitting etc to feel truly good.

For example I know that strapless things annoy me so I avoid them. Another tip: call me sad-but I have a notes section on my phone called ‘dancing outfits’ where i have a list of about 10 go-to dancing outfits (in fine detail down to the jewellery and shoes) from my wardrobe that I can ‘fling on’ when i’m in a rush to get to a salsa party. You could do it for work or casual days too.

I love that idea! When building a capsule wardrobe, what key pieces do you think are essential?

Personally: a pair of good blue jeans, a neutral or white coloured shirt, a couple of white vest tops, a pair of light coloured smart / casual trainers or shoes, a mini skirt, a pair of hoop earrings - I live in hoops as they go with everything and a neutral jacket (bomber style or wrap / tie-front). Heavy on the neutrals I know (!) but I only started being smart about my wardrobe in this way in the last year and I can now actually WEAR all my fun and colourful pieces day to day as I have perfect pieces to pair them with.

That’s such a good tip, a neutral base really makes your statement pieces pop! Do you have any tips for shopping sustainably or incorporating sustainable pieces into your wardrobe?

I feel like you always hear people say this but I genuinely love mixing in shopping in charity shops and on Depop etc with more investment pieces. There’s a particularly good charity shop near me that probably thinks I need to get a life as I go in there about 3 times a week on my way into the studio, just to keep an eye out for any cool pieces coming in!

What’s the most sentimental item in your wardrobe and why is it important to you?

Oh that’s a hard one. Probably a pink denim paisley print jacket that I bought when I was 17 for 99p from a charity shop. I wore it to death when I was at art school as it went with everything and wore it on every night out. It’s lived in Australia with my for 2 years and come back home again. Even my friends say they are slightly sentimental about this jacket as it’s really been through everything with us all; the parties, the dates (good and bad!) , the travels etc and has seen me through my late teens to adulthood.

Trends come and go, but some styles are timeless. Are there any classic pieces or styles that you think will always be in fashion?
I think cowgirl boots will always be loved. They’re so fun and seem to have stood the test of time so far. Also jeans and a white tee, perhaps obvious but it’s always a fresh good look and feel.

What are your favourite pieces from the Sinead Keary collection?
The Orla’ mini skirt - it’s the perfect length mini skirt and nails the ‘smart-casual’ outfit category.

‘The Hazel’ shirt - I love the cuffs, it feels really luxurious to wear and the slits allow you to tuck it into your trousers or jeans.

‘The Claire’ top - the bow-tie at the neck is so chic for glamorous dressing.

‘The Czara’ cardigan - sometimes if you’re wearing a blouse or nice top and you feel a chill, you don’t want to pull a jumper over your head and ruin the look / crease of your ironed top. So this neutral cardigan that would go with everything and you can wear it unbuttoned too.

‘The Jenny’ blouse - I always look for ‘wrap around’ style tops-they’re so flattering and the exaggerated sleeves are very elegant.

Thank you so much for taking the time to chat to us today! What’s next up for you, any exciting projects in the pipeline?
Yes, thank you for asking. I have an exciting Summer group exhibition of my paintings at the Lemond Gallery in Glasgow opening 10th - 18th June 2023 where people can visit in person or view online. I have also just released a new print series ‘To Travel Solo and Free’ which was inspired by my time travelling solo through Greece last Summer for two months and they’re available now to order from my website: I’ll also be moving away from
Glasgow this year for a new adventure and to further pursue my arts careers so who knows what may come out of that! Thank you for taking the time to talk to me.

You can follow Rowan on Instagram @rowanrosiestudio where she shares her life and journey as an artist. To view more of her work including her beautiful collection of paintings and prints you can visit


May 19, 2023 — Sinead Keary

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