Sinead Keary The Label aims to empower you to feel more confident in what you wear, I try to achieve this with specially selected fabrics, well thought through designs and encouraging timelessness over trends. I want to educate you to build your wardrobe like pieces in a jigsaw puzzle and help you take the stress out of getting dressed everyday. 

I genuinely believe that great fitting and well made clothes have a superpower!

I want my brand to act as an instruction manual for you when you are feeling 'stuck in a rut' and craving clarity on how to 'make sense of your wardrobe.' 

In order to achieve this I wanted to share my Ways to Wear Formula with you, to teach you how to shop effectively and ensure you re-wear and reinvent your capsule wardrobe time and time again. This is achievable with the right basics, trust me!

My ways to wear formula was born from my mission to remove stress from getting dressed. It is, and always will be my no.1 tip on how to shop and get the most out of your wardrobe.

Through many 1 to 1's with my personal shopping clients, I felt people needed help simplifying yet maximising their wardrobes.

The formula begins with a series of questions before buying any new pieces. These questions will clarify if you can wear this specific item in 3 different ways or in 3 different scenarios...

Can I dress it up? 
Can I dress it down?
Can I wear it to work?

    Usually, if your wardrobe is missing basics and key staples you will struggle to do this. I created Sinead Keary The Label as a go-to destination for those key wardrobe hero's that will help take the hassle out of building outfits every day and enable you to style your daily wardrobe in multiple ways, with ease. 

    Let me show you how I use this formula to style a key basic like The Orla Skirt.

    3 different ways, for 3 difference scenarios!



    Now that you know you can style this piece in different ways and for different events in life you can assess the 'cost per wear' and decide if it is an investment in your wardrobe worth making. 


    Cost Per Wear Inventory 

    This attitude can help you save money in the long run, while buying well now. I believe in buying well, buying once. When you do this, less items end up in the charity bags when spring cleanings comes around! 

    Its so simple to style and re-wear our pieces in casual and more dressy ways by changing the footwear and accessories to tweak each look. 

    If you can think of numerous outfit ideas and life events you would wear your latest purchase to... you know it will have a good cost per wear. If you fast froward to a year from now, or three years from now and you think your future self would still like to wear it...its a winner!

    Below are some failsafe staples that can be easily be styled up or down and repeated time and time again using your best capsule wardrobe essentials... 

    The High-Low Mix

    I find the best outfits are made up of a 'high-low mix'. This is where you combine some unexpected casual fabrics and pieces with much dressier luxe fabrics to create an effortlessly-cool look. Mix your bamboo jersey tees and sweatshirts with our typically dressier satin skirts or leather pants for a beautiful mix of textures. 

    I believe the key to a truly great functioning wardrobe begins with the basics. Investing in good basics will help make it easier to turn any newer 'trendy' pieces into multiple different looks and therefore decrease the cost per wear of each item!

    If you are inspired by this months style guide I have some tips for you to should keep in mind when shopping and spending a little extra on investment pieces: 

    1) Good quality fabrics are essential, look for pieces that are built to last. 

    2) Shop items that are soft on the skin and comfortable, you will gravitate towards these more when you are getting dressed each day.  

      3) Fabrics such as silk and bamboo jersey are a must for me.  

    4)  Invest carefully, ensure they are pieces that you adore.

    5) Purchase what you think you will wear and cherish for years to come. If its for a once off occasion - steer clear. 

     I hope you found this formula useful and stay tuned for next months Style Guide!

    Chat to you soon, 






    February 08, 2023 — Sinead Keary

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